Refurbished Process

All our systems are completly refurbished , controleed, revised and warranty.

The control of the performances of the probes is made by means of a phantom Typifies GS, that allows to make measures in a reliable way.

he control of the performances of the device requires to make functional tests of the main elements.

What is the difference between the OEM refurbished and our refurbished : There is not difference because all test are the same. If system have trouble with changed parts if they are trouble with probe we changed it or repair the probe.

The most difference is the systems with OEM refurbished are more expensive than our system for equivalent quality.

Refurbished ultrasound since 1991

Our company is specialized in the sale of reconditioned ultrasound scanners for more than 27 years. We sell our devices worldwide. All our ultrasound machines are completely recondittionnés, controlled, revised and guaranteed. We are one of the oldest european company in the market of refurbished ultrasounds

Your satisfaction has been our priority since 28 years

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we are pleased to celebrate our 28 years of existence. We thank you for the trust you have placed in us since all these years

If you don't find the system that you need in ou listing, don't hesited to request us by e-mail

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