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Who we are

The international market is for MEDISYS the first pole of diversification of distribution of its refurbished products. For 1993, this policy has allowed us to be present on the 5 continents.

The regular participation of MEDISYS in the medical trade fairs allows us to stay in touch with our clientele and so, to find partnerships with agents or local companies.

The starting up and the commercial follow-up of our installations commits us to our final users. Our guarantees reassure them on the future of their equipment.

MEDISYS remains the specialist of the medical scanning and is permanently at your disposal for any further information about the brands or the available models.

Product quality

Process of the refurbished ultrasounds

Introduction :
The control of the performances of the device requires to make functional tests of the main elements.
Quality of the screen

  • Check of the functions contrasts and luminosity to assure of their good functioning.

  • Show the scale of grey: it must allow to distinguish the various levels of the white or black without there is of satisfaction.

  • Check of the geometry of the screen: verify that the straight lines on the edge of the screen do not present a deformation

  • Test of the Keyboard

  • Test of the gain’s curve     

Test of the probe connector     
Test of main functions     

  • Validation of the B mode function

  • Validation of the M mode function

  • Validation of the doppler mode function

  • Validation of the menu function

  • Validation of the preset function

  • Validation of the focal function

  • Validation of the calipper function

Introduction :
The control of the performances of the probes is made by means of a phantom RMI 403 Typifies GS, that allows to make measures in a reliable way.
Description :
The phantom is a device which possesses some number of targets which have characteristics of marketing research and of well defined forms.
They are flooded in a material which has the known acoustic characteristics close to tissues human being. Every group of target allows to make a fine approach of the possibilities of the probes

MEDISYS in the world

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